A mathematical programme that prepare youth at work and community.


To equip students with mathematical skills and attitudes at *vocational level of competency and confidence that can be applied in life.

* The four core vocational modules : Electrical, Mechanical, Retail and Food & Preparation.


The programme aims to enable students to:

a) Acquire foundational mathematical concepts and skills to meet the general demands of life at home and at work, and also for participation in the community; and

b) Appreciate mathematics as essential and relevant to daily life; demonstrate confidence in the use of mathematics, and perseverance in solving problems in practical and relevant situations.

Programme Structure
Year Term Topics
Year 1 Term 1 *Munchy numbers
*Deci Monsters
*Zoombies Fractions
Term 2 *Zoombies Fractions
*Count on It! (Money)
*Tick Tock (Time)
Term 3 *Data Everywhere
Term 4 *Magical Shapes & Lines (Geometry & Construction)
Year 2 Term 1 *Retail Math (Decimals, Fractions, Percentage)
Term 2 *Retail/Hospitality Math (Money, Ration & Proportion, Temperature)
Term 3 *Mechanical/Facility Math (Time, Technical drawing, Application of formulae)
Term 4 *Financial Math
Year 3 Financial Term 1 *Decimals
Term 2 *Percentage
Term 3 *Exchange rate
Term 4 *Measurement
Year 3 Technical Term 1 *Decimals
Term 2 *Algebra
Term 3 *Algebra in Vocational context I
Term 4 *Algebra in Vocational context II
Year 4 Financial Term 1 *Decimals
Term 2/3 *Algebra
Term 4 *Ratio & Proportion
Year 4 Technical Term 1 *Number sense
Term 2/3 *Percentage
*Exchange rate
Term 4 *Measurement (Distance, Multi-dimensional measures, temperature, weight, capacity)
Year 5 Term 1 *Numbers
Term 2 *Percentage
*Financial Math (Money in practical situations, foreign exchange)
*Conversion of units
Term 3 *Time
*Weight & Capacity
*Dimensions and multi-dimensional measures
*Charts & Graph
Term 4 Revision
Year 6 Term 1 *Decimals
Term 2 *Rate & Speed
*Weight & Capacity
*Multi-dimensional measures
Term 3 *Ratio & Proportion
Term 4 Revision