NLS Football CCA was formed in 2007. The CCA has since made steady progress in fitness level and tactical skills after regular trainings and much exposure to the game. NLS Football CCA comprises a recreational group and a competitive team. Currently, the CCA is made up of 98 members, Year 1 to Year 4 students. The CCA welcomes students who have the passion and love for the sport. Football trainings in NLS draw strong emphasis on building our players’ characters as well as strong team morale amongst players.


  1. To build character, team spirit, responsibility and sense of belonging to the school.
  2. To develop the students’ soccer skills, fitness level and game tactics.
  3. To inculcate discipline and sportsmanship
  4. To build strong team morale through active interactions
  5. To inculcate the value social responsibility through Values in Action activities


  • Mr Jesper Low (Teacher Overall in-charge)
  • Mr Ng Seow Keng (Teacher 2nd Overall in-charge)
  • Mr Rasidee (Coach for ‘B’ boys team)
  • Ms Lydia Sng (Coach for ‘B’ girls team)
  • Ms Nura (Assistant coach for ‘B’ girls team)
  • Mr Felix Chua (Assistant coach for ‘C’ boys team)
  • Mr Ariff (External instructor, Coach for ‘C’ boys team)


  1. CCA
    • Every Friday
    • 8.00am to 10.00 am
    • Training venue: School field and Kovan Sports Centre


  1. ‘C’ Boys School Team
    • Every Tuesday
    • 3.15pm to 5.00 pm
    • Training venue: School field


  1. ‘B’ Boys School Team
    • Every Thursday
    • 3.45pm to 5.30 pm
    • Training venue: School field


  1. ‘B’ Girls School Team and Recreation Team
    • Every Monday
    • 3.15pm to 5.00pm
    • Training venue: School field



  • One of the hostings schools for ‘South Zone’ Football Tournament
  • ‘C’ Boys finished 2nd in ‘South Zone’ Football Tournament and qualified for quarter finals.
  • ‘B’ Boys finished 5th in the group stage for the South Zone Football Tournament
  • ‘B’ Girls finished 5th in the Nationals ‘B’ Division Football Tournament (Group A