Music Club

The Music Club aims to inculcate in our students an appreciation of music, and to instill positive values in them.

Our team of teachers comprise Ms Hia Noi Meng, Mr Heng Kai Le, and our instructor Mr Danny Sum. We are also blessed to have a regular volunteer voice instructor Ms Ellissa with us. Music lessons are held in the Drama Room each Friday. Students learn to play the guitar, and some learn to sing and play on the drum as well.

The Music Club

Music Club puts up performances both in and outside of school. We perform during Orientation and school assemblies. Most recently, we performed at the school’s Homecoming, an event that brings back graduates of NorthLight for a reunion each year. In 2014, we participated in a VIA event, where we performed for the elderly at the NTUC Eldercare Silver Circle (Dakota Crescent).

Students bond well, and they are enthusiastic about performances. They work hard, ever eager to better their skills. United in their quest to scale greater heights, they are determinedly honing their skills, in hopes that they will be able to put up a performance in front of a huge audience in the near future.