NorthLight School Drama CCA revolves around the school curriculum, especially in Character Education. Students are exposed to the concept of Habits Of Mind; using 8 types of problem-solving life-related skills, promoting strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity, and craftsmanship. The application of these 8 Habits of Mind serves to provide each student with skills to work through real life situations, equip the student to be aware of the things around him/her and also an intentional strategy in order to gain a positive outcome.

Tying in with our goals in Drama Club, students will be exposed to different drama performance skills, building on their craftsmanship. They are looking for ways to have different platforms for them to showcase their talents. Every student actor is given the opportunity to develop their talents and to discover their best talents to become better student actors and most importantly confident students.


Miss Nur Farah Goh

Mr Han Tock Juan


Drama Room 1

World of Stories – 2012

Singapore Arts Fest – 2012