Art Club

Art Club provides different avenues for the holistic development of the students. Students are engaged through the different art forms to achieve the over-arching objectives of lifelong learning and character building.


Art Club CCA aims to develop our students in the following ways:

  • To develop technical skills and increase visual literacy.
  • To develop good habits of mind and character.
  • To inculcate a sense of team spirit, ownership and belonging to the school.
  • To provide opportunities to contribute to the school and community.

Acrylic Painting on Canvas


Art Ink Etching

Glass Painting


Teacher in-charge: Ms Betty Phua

Teachers: Ms Soh Li Shi, Ms Teng Shuh Tying

Venue: Art Room 2, Level 4

Time: 08:00 am to 10:30 am (30 mins recess)

Student Leaders

Chairman: Nur Hanisda Bte Hanifa (4RS3)
Vice-Chairman: Eera Nasriah Binte Najmi (1A3)
Asst. Vice-Chairman: Jaslyn Chin Jia Yi  (1A3)