Character and Citizenship Education

Our Mission :

Nurturing pupils to be self-disciplined individuals that live out their values effectively.

Our Approach : Support and Sustain Support & sustain (Children learn best in supportive environment)

  • Involve stakeholders in implementing discipline structures
  • Clear understanding of codes of behaviours and roles
  • Focus on success (catch them good)
  • Build up quality relationships
  • Strong involvement of pupils
  • Clear and convenient system for obtaining emotional or additional support
  • Sustained encouragement

Teach & Train Teach and train (practice makes perfect)
Social emotional learning need to be taught and made explicit
Content must have a personal meaning to the pupils (relevant)
Model school’s values daily
Train and familiarise the pupil’s with daily class/school routine

Act & Affirm Act and affirm (Action speaks louder than words)
   Encourage pupil-led activities
Promote CIPs
Host visiting delegations/old folks/orphans to the school
Affirm positive behaviours to the masses

Re-Direct & Restore Re-Direct and Restore (Restitution not retribution )
   Show pupils what they have done wrong
Give pupils ownership of the problem
Give pupils opportunity to resolve the problem
Focus on the problem and not the pupil
Allow restoration through restitution, resolution and reconciliation
pupils must do the hard work of thinking and coming up with the solutions to correct themselves

Our Desired Outcome :

Self-disciplined individuals that live out their values effectively.

Our children will be :
Talented, with many
Aspirations and
Resilient to challenges.

NLP Discipline Guideline

At NorthLight, We see discipline as educational process to develop students intellectually and morally so that sound values are inculcated and lived out on a daily basis, Our goal is nurture our students into self-disciplined individuals.

We believe in disciplining with care. When we discipline a student, it is not to inflict pain but for the student to learn. Our key approaches include creating a supportive environment and sustainable programmes that focus on success rather than failure. We seek to teach components of good character via social emotional learning through daily routines that will reflect our school values. Teachers and pupils will also model good behaviour and affirm positive actions. Students who have erred in their behaviour will be re-directed and guieded towards the right direction and will take ownership of choices that they make.

We hope that with love, care and clear established rules, our students will choose to live out the school’s values and be responsible in creating a positive learning environment.


The following rules and regulations will be understood by the students at NorthLight.

A) Offences
The school tracks the following offences by recording the cases in the “Offences Module” of the Ministry of Education’s School Cockpit System.
  • Late-coming
  • Skipping Classes
  • Leaving school grounds without permissionRemove featured image
  • Truancy
  • Other related offences
  • Disruptive Behaviour
  • Not doing assignments
  • Bringing banned items
  • Improper attire & grooming
  • Open defiance and rudeness
  • Cheating in tests/exams
  • Forgery
  • Abuse of technology
  • Other related offences
Theft / Damage of Property
  • Theft / shoplifting
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Other related offences
Other Serious Offences
  • Assault / Fighting
  • Gangsterism
  • Possession of weapons
  • Gambling
  • Smoking
  • Substance abuse
  • Pornography
  • Other offences deemed grave and serious

Do note that the above list is not exhaustive. The school reserves the right to make necessary changes as and when deemed fit.

B) Attendance
Flag-raising and Pledge-taking ceremony
  • Students should be in the hall by 7.50am ( at least 10 minutes before the flag-raising ceremony which commences at 8am sharp.)
  • Students who are singapore citizen must sing the National Anthem and take pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.
  • Attendance will be taken by form teachers after the ceremony via the class register by 8.45am.
  • A Student is considered late when he does not attend the flag-raising and pledge-taking ceremony in the hall
Absence from school
  • A student who is absent due to sickness must produce a medical certificate (m.c) from a certified doctor or letter by parents.
  • For non-medical reasons ( such as a death in the family, etc) appropriate documents or letter from parents / guardian should be produced. Such a letter should be neatly written or typed and enclosed in an envelope.
  • Absence without a medical certificate or a parent / guardian’s letter may be regarded as a truancy case.
C) Movement
Leaving class during lessons
  • If the need arises, a student may be allowed by the form or subject teacher to leave the class briefly by issuing him / her with a leave pass hung around the neck, or a permission slip endorsed by the staff.
  • Students are not allowed to leave class during the 1st period, 10 minutes before the lesson ends and during the periods after recess and lunch.
  • A student seen outside the class during lesson without a pass will be stopped, reprimanded and sent back immediately.
Leaving school premises during school hours
  • A parent / guardian may accompany a sick student home after registering with the General Office.
  • An un-well child may leave school for home only if verbal consent from the parents is established with the staff. A form will be issued to the student and this form needs to be returned to the office stating the time the student has reached home, together with the parent’s signature.
  • During emergencies, the Operations Manager or teacher appointed by the P / VP may send the child home or to be hospital
D Attire & Grooming
  • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
Boys’ Hairstyle
  • Hair must be properly groomed and neat. There should be no fringes and sides should not touch the ears. Sideburns should be short.
  • Hair at back should be slopped and above the shirt collar.
  • No skin-heads are allowed.
Girls’ Hairstyle
  • Hair must be neatly combed, clipped or tied up. Unkempt long hair and improper hairstyles are not acceptable.
  • No long fringes touching the eyebrows are allowed.
  • Hair that covers part of the face must be clipped away / up neatly.
  • Only black or dark-coloured hair clip / grips / bands should be used.
Facial Hair
  • Boys should be clean shaven. There should be no wearing of beards and moustache.
  • Girls should wear only 1 pair of plain tiny gold / silver-coloured round ear studs or earrings. Multiple ear-piercing is not-allowed.
  • No Jewelries or cosmetics are allowed.
  • Girls should not shave or pluck their eyebrows.
  • Male students should not wear any ear accessories.
  • Lockets of religious significance may be worn, but not exposed.
  • Only black or dark-coloured spectacle frames should be worn.
  • Body piercing, tattooing or other such acts are not allowed.
  • students’ natural hair colour should not be altered by dyeing, bleaching or any other means.